✧ These are zines and comics I've had in print, some I've made available to download over the years. Most of them have been exhibited and sold at events such as the Festival of the Photocopier, Home-cooked Comics, and at the once-off Indie Comic Con. ✌︎✧

'Bone Bone Pom Pom' 2020
Felt and pom pom sculpture designed, produced, and arranged for a Bone Bone fan magazine curated by Tom Groenestyn. 

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'Gooped!!' 2022
Comic about a day in an airship, something of an exercise in world-building and characters being funny.

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'You Di(e)d Good' 2017,
Illustrated panels about sustainable alternatives to traditional burial and funeral systems in western society.
Disclaimer* the methods in this are from prior knowledge and research I had done at the time and may not be reflective of what we know now.  

'Cat Sleep Mat Nest' 2018

Limited riso run. Character bible of cats I know and love. Debut at Indie Comic Con. 

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'Kool Spooky Pix' 2017

Edits of images from my film camera with thematically appropriate doodles drawn over them.   

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'Hello Worm' 2019

Short comic about a short-lived business arrangement. Debut at Homecooked Comics. 

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'Peas Normal' 2020

Obligatory lockdown comic about obsessively playing the Sims 4.

'Not Milk' 2019

Literally not milk, there are 3 mini concertina style comics about childrens' relationship to dirt and insect-life in these self produced milk box packages.