Working on Wurundjeri Land.
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Tiffany Yue Fong Goh (吴月芳) ❋  She/They
❋ BA Fine Arts ❋ Animation ❋ Victorian College of the Arts ❋ 2016 ❋


❋ I specialise in moving projects, character designs, and multimedia works. My interests lie in cultural & slice-of-life explorations; often blended with oddball, fantastical designs. ❋ Past works have have incorporated digital illustrations, video and projection experimentation, soft sculpture, and paper construction. I mostly work Clip Studio Paint on an iPad but am also good at Adobe photoshop, After Effects, Animate, TVpaint, and Toon Boom Harmony.

☆ I'd love to work with subject matters related to music, culture, and social advocacy! Reach out if you have a fun project :)

✧ Experience ✧


Animator, Melbourne, 2019-2023
❊ Harmony animator for 'The Strange Chores'
Harmony animator for 'The Strange Chores' Season 3

Princess Bento
Animator, 2022
Harmony Animator and roughs for Hulu/Disney plus 'Koala Man'

Studio Moshi
Animator & FX, Melbourne, 2017-2023
Harmony animator: Space chickens in Space, Shopkins World Vacation/Wild, Dragamonz
2nd Key animator and clean up artist on Where is Anne Frank and Joust (unreleased), 2020
Hand drawn FX animation on Hulu show 'Solar Opposites', 2021
FX and clean-up on unreleased project, 2023

Kapow Studios
Animator, Remote Work, 2020-2021
Harmony animator for 'Adventure Beast' on Netflix


Tempo, Wavedash, 2024
Hand-drawn animation for music video snippet for single 'b' alright' in flipnote animation style

Sick of the Moon, Rosie Tucker, 2023
Directed an animated music video for the tiny song 'Sick of the Moon' by Rosie Tucker, fully designed and produced independently. 

RISING: Melbourne 2023
❊ Animation & design assets for 10,000 Kazoos event to illustrate voice and visual instructions on Federation Square's main screen.

Jason Fox Pty Ltd
❊ Animation & co-art director for a series of government-commissioned Cybersecurity explainer videos
❊ Direct liaison with client on deciding animation style, design
❊ Sole animator for each video

Christie  Widiarto
❊ Animation of assets for government commissioned PTV explainer project  (NA for  distribution)

2015 "Toki Doki", ACMI halls, Melbourne
2016  White Night Melbourne, group projection
2017 "Toki Doki", Melbourne Fringe Festival, 5 Cent Cinema, Melbourne
2019 "Window", Backyard Screening, Melbourne
2019 Art Show in the Small Long House, Melbourne
2020 "Bear in Mind", Short Film Program, Bunjil Place
2020 Bushfire Appeal, Tree Paper Gallery
2020 Maneki Neko Charity Exhibition, Tree Paper Gallery

2023 Lunar New Year Party, curated by Jenn Tran
2024 Pancake Exhibition,  Brunswick Street Gallery
2016 Farrago magazine, illustrator
2022 DRECK magazine, feature

Artist Residency
2017 Tenjinyama Artist Residency, painting showcase

2023 Tenjinyama Artist Residency, film development